Shearing at Waitangihia Station for Absolute NZ Meat


While the weather is cooler, we are getting stuck into shearing our 2,500 ewes.

During this busy time we call in shearers from Ruatoria to help get through our stock. After an hour and a half journey to reach us, they start shearing from 7am working a nine hour day before they venture on their hour and a half journey home. Depending upon whether the weather is kind, it takes two or three days of hard work to get through the stock.

We choose to shear our sheep a little earlier than many in preparation for lambing starting in a few weeks. By shearing sheep at this time we have found that they are more likely to seek warm shelter to give birth, increasing the chance of survival for our lambs. Shorter wool is also positive for lamb feeding, by exposing more of the udder the lambs are able to feed easier.

The size and scale of our farm, 6500 acres requires we operate with a hands off attitude leaving the sheep to raise the lambs naturally, taking measures like early shearing allows us to do this and check in with the lambing ewes daily.

We run Perendale sheep which are a maternal breed with natural mothering instincts, making them a perfect breed to raise lambs. Perendale are also well suited to hill country as they are free moving and work well with the dogs in the paddock.

Shearing season is just another part of regular season of a farmer, ensuring we create a farm that reaches its full potential, to humanly produce a quality product we are proud of – and which you can enjoy