Magic Mince

This recipe is for all the busy people out there.  I make this once a week and it always lasts for two meals for the 6 of us. 

 It is a busy time of year on the Coast – rugby season has started for the kids.  This involves two trainings per week which are one hour from where we live – meaning a round trip of over three hours. Then a game Saturday that can be one, one and-a-half or two hours away depending upon who’s hosting. 

 The positives for committing to East Coast JAB rugby are: the kids love it and have made some great friends who they don’t get to see otherwise as we live too far from town. It only goes for 8-10 weeks so is a short season to commit to and it’s the only sport available so there is no choice which makes it easy! 

 Our 7 year old girl and our 8 year old boy are playing tackle this year so I am very proud that they are still enjoying it!  Coupled with taking the younger two to a new play group at the school all means I am out of the house four out of seven days so having easy meals is crucial to the smooth running of the house. 

 My little cherubs are still at that annoying stage of turning their nose up at vegetables mixed in things so I get around this by whizzing my vegetables up in my Nutribullet with a can of tomatoes and adding it to the mince.

 Mixing in tomato paste, mild curry powder and jam gives it a rich savoury flavour that usually three out of the four children will tolerate! 

 I serve my “Magic Mince” with rice or pasta, sometimes make it into lasagne, we love it on top of nacho chips, tacos or even rolled into wraps with sour cream and grated cheese.

 See below for the full recipe.

Magic Mince

Serves 6 for 2 meals

2kg Absolute Angus Mince

4 Cups of chopped vegetables (e.g. onion, garlic, celery, silverbeet, carrot, pumpkin, capsicum, courgette or even frozen veges – I use up what I have in the fridge)

2 Tins chopped or whole peeled tomatoes

1 Tsp oil

4 Tsp plum jam (or any other jam you have in the fridge)

4 Heaped tsp mild curry powder

4 Heaped tsp tomato paste

Salt and pepper to taste.

Chop vegetables and lightly brown in a fry pan until soft.  Put half the vegetables into a nutribullet with 1 can of tomatoes and whiz until smooth.  Set aside and repeat with the remaining vegetables and can of tomatoes.  Set vegetable mix aside.  Brown mince in batches and add it all back to the pan with the vegetable mix.  Heat until bubbling.  Add the jam, curry powder, tomato paste and mix till combined.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Put a lid on the mixture and gently simmer for 10 min until the meat is cooked through.  Be careful not to burn the bottom – gentle heat and stir every so often.