Absolute NZ Meat specialises in premium 100% grass fed, non-GMO and hormone free meats.  
Brought to you fresh from the farm by the Brosnahan family – 4th generation farmers passionate about clean, green and sustainable farming – our Angus beef, lamb, hogget and mutton are safe, healthy, natural and nutritious.
Located in the picturesque Waikura Valley on New Zealand’s North Island, our cattle and sheep are free to forage and roam on 6500 unspoiled acres and handpicked when ready for harvest, ensuring superior meat quality and taste.         
Our Absolute Angus Beef, Absolute Lamb, Absolute Hogget and Absolute Beef & Lamb products are available in various portion sizes, cut and packaged to your requirements and delivered to your door.
Click here to buy and experience the Absolute NZ Meats difference for yourself, or contact us for more information about our unique approach to farming.

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